2019 KSPB Winter Conference 초록등록 현황
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16 Poster Magnesium transporter is involved in chloroplast development in the leaf paraveinal regions Ji Young Hwang 2019-01-11
15 Poster Roles of evolutionally conserved Elongator complex in leaf development  Sang Eun Jun 2019-01-11
14 Poster

Profiling of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase 11 expression in Plant

Jooeun Lee 2019-01-10
13 Poster

Reduction of Plant Stress Using Keratin Peptides, Produced by Fervidobacterium islandicum AW-1, in Capsicum annuum

A-hyeon Kang 2019-01-10
12 Poster Characterization of multifunctional flavonol synthase gene from rice Sangkyu Park 2019-01-10
11 Poster Comparative analysis for morphological diversification in Brassicaceae family Seung Hwa Yu 2019-01-10
10 Poster Stress response induced by ectopic expression of Arabidopsis DEMETER DNA demethylase in mammals and plants Hosung Jang 2019-01-10
9 Poster REPRESSOR OF SILENCING 1-initiated DNA demethylation is required for abscisic acid responses in Arabidopsis Joo Young Lim 2019-01-10
8 Poster

Transgenic Arabidopsis plants expressing CsBCATs affect flowering time as well as seed germination under abiotic stress conditions

A Mi Yoon 2019-01-10
7 Poster

Correlation between the content of saponarin and the expression levels of its biosynthetic pathway genes in Barley (Hordeum vulgare) 

Han Gyeol Lee 2019-01-10
6 Poster Transcriptional Regulation of Cell Elongation by SHORT-ROOT in the Etiolated Arabidopsis Hypocotyl Souvik Dhar 2019-01-10
5 Poster

Arabidopsis synaptotagmin 4/5 control the SNARE complex formation between SYP132, SNAP33 and VAMP721/722

Da Jeong Cho 2019-01-10
4 Poster

Plastidial and mitochondrial malonyl CoA-ACP malonyltransferase is essential for cell division, and its overexpression increases storage oil content

Ryeo Jin Kim 2019-01-08