2019 KSPB Winter Conference 초록등록 현황
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29 Poster Overexpression of OsMYBR22 enhances carotenoid contents by delaying leaf senescence and seed ripening in rice Ye Sol Jeong 2019-01-11
28 Poster

Plant CCT chaperonin and its substrates tubulins and PP4 catalytic subunit

Joong-Tak Yoon 2019-01-11
27 Poster A Raf-like kinase is required for induction of seed dormancy in Arabidopsis Wangyu Hong 2019-01-11
26 Poster ARPF2 is involved in rRNA processing and ribosome biogenesis in Arabidopsi Ilyeong Choi 2019-01-11
25 Poster

Functional analysis of transcription factor RAP2.4 that activates Arabidopsis cuticular wax biosynthesis under drought stress

Sun Ui Yang 2019-01-11
24 Poster

The high-affinity potassium transporter EpHKT1;2 from the extremophile Eutrema parvula mediates salt tolerance

Haris Ali Khan 2019-01-11
23 Poster MPK6 and SOS2 Phosphorylate SOS1 and Regulate Salt Tolerance in Arabidopsis Gilok Shin 2019-01-11
22 Poster PWR interacts with HOS15, ubiquitin E3 ligase substrate receptor, and regulates chromatin modification in cold stress response Chae Jin Lim 2019-01-11
21 Poster Control of the Timing of Asymmetric Divisions in the Arabidopsis Root Ground Tissue through ROS Homeostasis Sejeong Jang 2019-01-11
20 Poster The role of microRNA820 in rice epigenetic regulation DONG-HOON JEONG 2019-01-11
19 Poster

HOS15 negatively regulates ABA signaling through OST1 degradation

Akhtar Ali 2019-01-11
18 Poster
Identification and Molecular Characterization of HOS15-interacting Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana
Junghoon Park 2019-01-11
17 Poster Improved biomass productivity and reduced lignin content in transgenic plant overexpressing the Arabidopsis CBSX2 gene. Yun Young Kim 2019-01-11