2019 KSPB Winter Conference 초록등록 현황
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42 Poster Morphological and Genetic Characterization of Arabidopsis Mutant with Low STA1 Expression Under Heat Heejin Kim 2019-01-12
41 Poster Characterization of Mutants with Altered STA1p-LUC Expression under Temperature Stresses Yidi Xu 2019-01-12
40 Poster Post-translational and transcriptional regulation of phenylpropanoid biosynthesis pathway by Kelch repeat F-box protein SAGL1 Si-in Yu 2019-01-12
39 Poster

Regulation of Transcriptional Activity of an AP2/ERF-domain Transcription Factor in Plant responses

Young Sung Kim 2019-01-12
38 Poster Lignin-based apoplastic barrier restricts bacterial pathogens to the infection site and confers resistance Hwi Seong Jeon 2019-01-12
37 Poster Transcriptional Regulation of Anthocyanin and Proanthocyanidin Biosynthetic Pathway in Rice Da-Hye Kim 2019-01-12
36 Poster CRISPR/Cas9-mediated SNAP29 functional analysis in Arabidopsis Kang-Hee Won 2019-01-12
35 Poster

Several plant endogenous factors prepared for the mechanism studies of nuclear import of viroids

Hyesu Seo 2019-01-11
34 Poster

Genome-wide transcriptome analysis of rice seedling after seed dressing with Paenibacillus youginensis DCY84T and silicon

Yo-Han Yoo 2019-01-11
33 Poster

ATG1 family proteins play distinct roles in autophagy and stress responses in Arabidopsis

Na Young Kim 2019-01-11
32 Poster Spatial regulation of rice S-like RNases family is involved in phosphate recycling and scavenging under phosphate starvation Yun-Shil Gho 2019-01-11
31 Poster Differential influences between OsDXS and OsDXR on the carotenoid metabolism and effects of OsDXS on peripheral metabolism Min Kyoung You 2019-01-11
30 Poster

Polycistronic Expression for Multi-step Pathway Engineering of Carotenoid Metabolism in Rice Endosperm

Hyung-Keun Ku 2019-01-11