2019 KSPB Winter Conference 초록등록 현황
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55 Poster Optimization of photosynthetic efficiency of lettuce by adjusting chloroplast movement Young-Sun Riu 2019-01-12
54 Poster Reshaping Tomato Performance by Flowering Time Variants Sujeevan Rajendran 2019-01-12
53 Poster Genetic analysis of maior heading-date genes regulating flowering time and regional adaptation in North Korean rice varieties Richie L. Vea 2019-01-12
52 Poster Identification of Transcription Factors related to Anthocyanin Biosynthesis in Chrysanthemum Bo-Ra Park 2019-01-12
51 Poster Transcription factor RAV1 plays a role in negative regulation in seed development by suppressing MINI3 and IKU2 in Arabidopsis thaliana Hyun-young Shin 2019-01-12
50 Poster Elucidation of genetic composition for salinity stress tolerance in North Korea rice landraces Haris Wijaya 2019-01-12
49 Poster Functional characterization of phytochrome B mutants with altered dark reversion rates Chaeyeon Cho 2019-01-12
48 Poster Regulation of plant greening by constitutively active phytochromes  Damin Choi 2019-01-12
47 Poster N-terminal domains of plant phytochromes A and B determine their photosensory specificity and differential light stability Jae-Yong Cho 2019-01-12
46 Poster Phytochromes regulate plant light signaling through its kinase activity Yun-Jeong Han 2019-01-12
45 Poster

Characterization of a sta1-1 suppressor restored from the sta1-1 small size

Kyoung-jae Yu 2019-01-12
44 Poster Overexpression of an Antarctic moss gene in transgenic Arabidopsis promotes stress tolerance NoA Bae 2019-01-12
43 Poster Regulation of plant architecture by blue-light inhibitor of cryptochromes Yun-Jeong Han 2019-01-12