2018 KSPB Winter Conference 초록등록 현황
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10 Poster Roles of RNA Methylation in Plant Development and Stress Responses Stefano Manduzio 2018-01-02
9 Poster

The rice RADIALIS-LIKE3 (OsRL3) connects leaf senescence and salt stress response through ABA signaling pathway

Chae-Myeong Lim 2018-01-02
8 Poster A Partial Loss-of-Function Allele of PLL1 Reveals the Roles of POL/PLL1 in the Stem Cell Maintenance in Both Shoot and Root Meristems of Arabidopsis Young-Bin Yun 2017-12-28
7 Poster

Reduced Expression of a Homeo-Domain Gene Leads to the Defects in the Development of Inflorescence and Abscission of Floral Organs

Young-Bin Yun 2017-12-28
6 Poster Characterization of Three Related Zinc-Finger Protein Genes Expressed in the Outermost Layers of Root Caps in Arabidopsis Bang-Heon Lee 2017-12-28
5 Poster The F-box protein inhibits dimerization of COP1 in the control of photoperiodic flowering. Byoung-Doo Lee 2017-12-27
4 Poster Overexpression of MYB50, a novel MYB-type transcription factor, increases response to drought and salt stress in rice Suk-Hwan Kim 2017-12-21
3 Oral Talk Functional deficiency of phytochrome B improves salt tolerance in rice Kiyoon Kang 2017-12-20
2 Poster The rice zebra3 (z3) mutation disrupts citrate distribution and produces transverse dark-green/green variegation in mature leaves Suk-Hwan Kim 2017-12-20
1 Poster Sodium and Potassium ions selectivity by Two closely related HKT1 Homologs,  EpHKT1;1 and EpHKT1;2 in extremophile, Eutrema parvula Haris Ali Khan 2017-12-11