2018 KSPB Winter Conference 초록등록 현황
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23 Poster Malonyl CoA-ACP malonyltransferase, which is targeted to both the chloroplast and the mitochondria is essential for growth and development of Arabidopsis and its overexpression increases seed storage oil content Seh Hui Jung 2018-01-05
22 Poster DEWAX transcription factor plays a role in resistance to the necrotrophic fungal pathogens Botrytis cinerea in Arabidopsis thaliana and Camelina sativa Seulgi Ju 2018-01-05
21 Poster PyMPV17, Pyropia (Rhodophyte) homolog of the human MPV17 enhances abiotic stress tolerance in Chlamydomonas Jiwoong Wi 2018-01-05
20 Poster Quantitative trait locus mapping and candidate gene analysis for agronomic traits in rice Hyoseob Seo 2018-01-05
19 Poster Systemic study of IDD gene family in Tomato Min-Sung Kang 2018-01-05
18 Poster Rice OsDOF24 Delays Leaf Senescence by Downregulating Senescence-Associated and Chlorophyll Degradation Genes Yejin Shim 2018-01-04
17 Poster Development of Growth-promoting and Stress-tolerant Plants via the Regulation of Chloroplast Gene Expression Su Jung Park 2018-01-04
16 Poster

A rice novel transcription factor OsWRKY5 promotes leaf senescence by up-regulation of senescence-associated genes. 

Tae-Hoon Kim 2018-01-04
15 Poster The rice cryptochrome-Interacting Basic-Helix-Loop-Helix1 (OsCIB1) regulates leaf angle and spikelet shape Hyoseob Seo 2018-01-04
14 Poster

Overexpression of ONAC016 promotes leaf senescence and improves drought stress through ABA signaling pathway

Eunji Gi 2018-01-03
13 Poster High Ambient Temperature Represses Anthocyanin Biosynthesis through Degradation of HY5   Sara Kim 2018-01-03
12 Poster Mutation of ONAC096 delays leaf senescence and enhances grain production in rice   Kiyoon Kang 2018-01-02
11 Poster The Rice Rolled Fine Striped (RFS) CHD3/Mi-2 chromatin remodeling factor epigenetically regulates genes involved in oxidative stress during development   Kiyoon Kang 2018-01-02