2018 KSPB Winter Conference 초록등록 현황
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36 Poster Degradation of the BR-Responsive Transcription Factor BZR1 in Arabidopsis Root Eun-Ji Kim 2018-01-05
35 Poster

PtrERF109, a member of ERF transcription factor family from Populus involved in the adventitious root formation in plants.

Ji-Hoon Lee 2018-01-05
34 Oral Talk MPSR1 is an early response E3 ligase that immediately eliminates emergent misfolded proteins Jong Hum Kim 2018-01-05
33 Poster Enhancement to heat shock stress in Arabidopsis is by the Redox-dependent Holdase chaperone of Thioredoxin Reductase Type C (NTRC) Sung Sun Koo 2018-01-05
32 Poster

Overexpression of RAV1 negatively regulates seed development in Arabidopsis 

Hyun-young Shin 2018-01-05
31 Poster Functional analysis of Cytochrome P450 736A72 gene isolated from Tomato Thanh Dat Mai 2018-01-05
30 Poster Functional characterization of TALE transcription factor family from woody perennial, poplar. So-Young Bae 2018-01-05
29 Poster Understanding molecular mechanisms of wood formation in gymnosperm tree, Pinus densiflora Min-Ha Kim 2018-01-05
28 Poster

Functional study of Hot pepper NADPH-Cytochrome P450 reductase 2 (CaCPR2) gene

Seo Young Park 2018-01-05
27 Poster

Proteins putatively interact with viroids during viroidal nuclear import

Dongeun kim 2018-01-05
26 Poster

Rice transcriptional factor OsMYB44 delays leaf senescence by down-regulating ABA biosynthesis

Weilan Piao 2018-01-05
25 Poster Functional Characterization of Chloroplast-targeted RNA Methyltransferases in Plant Growth and Stress Responses Tieu-Ngoc Nguyen Le 2018-01-05
24 Poster Characterization of Chloroplast-targeted tRNA Methyltransferases in Plant Growth and Abiotic Stress Responses  Jianzhong Hu 2018-01-05