2018 KSPB Winter Conference 초록등록 현황
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62 Oral Talk The advantages of toxoflavin in plant pathogenic Burkholderia spp. for plant interactions. Jungwook Park 2018-01-11
61 Poster Enhancing flower COLOR2 through simultaneous expression of the B-Peru and mPAP1 transcription factors under control of a flower-specific promoter Da-Hye Kim Kim 2018-01-10
60 Poster OsWRKY67 Plays a Positive Role in Basal and XA21-Mediated Resistance in Rice Kieu Vo 2018-01-09
59 Poster

Overexpression of Antarctic moss genes in Arabidopsis improves stress tolerance

NoA Bae 2018-01-07
58 Poster Arabidopsis basic Helix-Loop-Helix 34 (bHLH34) regulates glucose signaling through binding to a novel cis-element and its overexpression enhances abiotic stress tolerance Ji-Hee Min 2018-01-07
57 Poster

Sorghum TCP transcription factor MULTISEED1 affects grain yield regulating at pedicellate spikelet fertility

Young Koung Lee 2018-01-07
56 Poster PCA17 modulates glucose responses through cysteine- and AMP-dependent manner in Arabidopsis Van Tinh Nguyen 2018-01-07
55 Poster

Plant Regeneration of Platycodon grandiflorum Callus by NAA and BA and Tracheary Element Differentiation Rate by Auxin Inhibitors.

Ja-Eun Yoo 2018-01-07
54 Poster Molecular cloning and functional characterization of ginseng PgCYP71D184 and PgCYP76C9 in Arabidopsis Sanjida Khanom 2018-01-07
53 Poster PtDRG1 from pyropia tenera (Rhodophyta) is red algae specific and confer abiotic stress tolerance Yeonju Na 2018-01-07
52 Poster Patatin domain containing phospholipase A2 gene from ginseng plays a role in cell wall development in Arabidopsis and Poplar Jin Hoon Jang 2018-01-07
51 Poster Variations in crop productivity induced by sp mutant alleles Min-Sung Kang 2018-01-07
50 Poster Three fibrillin 1a, 1b, and 2 are involved in photoprotection under high light stress in Arabidopsis Inyoung Kim 2018-01-06