2018 KSPB Winter Conference 초록등록 현황
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75 Poster OsVIL2 encoding a chromatin remodeling factor controls spikelet development in rice. Hyeryung Yoon 2018-01-16
74 Poster CRISPR/Cas9-mediated RabA1 subfamily mutagenesis Hyeran Kim 2018-01-12
73 Poster

The Role of LBD14 in Lateral Root Development during ABA Response in Arabidopsis

Eunkyeong Jeon 2018-01-12
72 Oral Talk

Feedback Loop Mechanisms of LBD18 for Regulating ARF Expression and Transcriptional Activity in Arabidopsis

Shashank K. Pandey 2018-01-12
71 Poster Identification of Plant Raptor-Binding Motif in TOR Signaling Components Sunghan Kim 2018-01-12
70 Poster Genome-wide identification of genes involved in the cold stress response and circadian rhythm and analysis of its crosstalk in rice by using meta-expression analyses. Woo-Jong Hong 2018-01-12
69 Poster Characterization and cloning of the wow (WONDER WOMAN) mutant related with the shoot meristem development Ye-Sol Jun 2018-01-12
68 Oral Talk ORESARA15, a PLATZ transcription factor, mediates leaf growth and senescence in Arabidopsis Jin Hee Kim 2018-01-12
67 Oral Talk
Natural allelic variation of GVS1 confers diversity in the regulation of leaf senescence in Arabidopsis
Jae Il Lyu 2018-01-12
66 Oral Talk

Functional study of GIGANTEA in transcriptional regulatory system of ABA biosynthesis under drought stress

Dongwon Baek 2018-01-12
65 Poster Isolation and characterization of two allelic variants of flavonol synthases from Allium cepa Sangkyu Park 2018-01-11
64 Poster

Genome-wide identification of rice collar preferred genes using meta-expression analysis (RNA-seq) and construction of the regulatory network

Hyo-Yong Kim 2018-01-11
63 Poster Global analysis of differentially expressed genes between japonica and indica rice roots reveals the molecular basis for enhanced cold tolerance in japonica rice Yo-Han Yoo 2018-01-11